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Pink Hibiscus


My daughter..isn't she beautiful?!

Autumn Sunset

And just for fun.....

Reds Lobster Dock

Another local....

Beach Baby

My on-line watercolor group has a sepia group project going on. I did this for that, having never tried a monotone painting before. It was fun and more difficult than I thought it would be.

Manasquan marsh

Another local study from a photo taken on a nice clear winter day.


Very out of the ordinary...done with oil pastels when I did not have my watercolors with me. Kind of cheerful though!

Barn at Dusk

Very small study.

Save the Dunes

Ready Set Relax

Another grey February day. Hard to believe this scene is a few short months away.


I always love these flowers in the summer. They fill the planters up by the beach and have three distinct colors in every, orange and yellow.

Beach House

A larger painting (11" x 14")than my usual dailies. Finished today, so a suitable post!

Get My Poinsettia?

A pointsettia from our holiday trip to the DC Botanical Garden. Good times!
Note: all paintings are available matted or matted and framed.
Visit MY WEBSITE for prices, etc...

When Life Gives You Lemons, etc...

Actually I got a dozen long stem roses, two kinds of dark chocolate and dinner at the best place in towm. :-) Happy Valentines Day to me!

Something different

That's right. A skier. Wanna make somethin' of it? :-)

Gerber Daisy

Wait, doesn't Gerber make baby food? And why is there a picture of a baby on the label anyway? Shouldn't it be a picture of what's INSIDE? Erm... Did I mention my two dream themed paintings are showing in Red Bank? Check The Other Blog for details...


After some debate about what the heck these were we figured out they were lemons. LEMONS! :-)

WInter Wheat

A scene from last week's of that stuck to all the trees and looked pretty. Though I am so over winter.

Winter Fishing

Brr! Too cold for me! I hope she caught something!

daily flower

Tired of beaches...well, tired of painting them, atleast. Thinking of spring.

more beach again?!!?!

I'm beginning to sense a theme to my work here. Time to paint some jungle.
Sorry...rainforest LOL

busy weekend

Beach Scene Brazil...getting backlogged. More paintings than I can post LOL

Winter Beach

From another photo from a productive photography session on a nice Sunday last weekend.

What a mess

I saw this tangle of fishing boats this weekend. Thought it would be a challenge to paint...keeping it loose was the key.

Get Out of my Pool!

A painting I finished today for an upcoming show at the Art Alliance in Red Bank...theme:"Dreams". Opens Sat., Feb. 7.

I'm a little tea cup, that's no drag

this is my saucer, this is my bag...

Los Botex

Los Botes! Entre Amigos! Hijos de puta!