Monday, October 11, 2010

Ladies in Waiting

Watercolor, 12" x 16". A group of Italian women on the opposite bench from us waiting for the next ferry. I was drawn to the postures.

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  1. Hi LuAnn - I have a lot to say -

    1st congratulations on your recent marriage. Your trip to Italy must have been magical and I can totally relate to 3000 plus photos. With digital we can take everything just to get that perfect shot!

    2nd - your wrong, someone else IS reading your blog! You never know who & when someone drops by. I frequently don't leave comments - I know I should but...

    I came upon you on DSFDF. I'm currently following up on artists whose work I've admired and you are in that group! Now that I've looked at your blog from beginning to end, I'm even more sure of it.

    3rd - I'm glad you're braving larger canvas'. I like them up to about 20x24 then get afraid too. My medium is acrylic. Oh, I'm a very intermittent painter - haven't posted on my blog recently.

    4th Your Italy paintings are wonderful. I really so like your window series. And I really love Ladies in Waiting. You do a really good job with detailed subjects.

    That's it for now, just couldn't leave without telling you You are doing a Really Good Job with your blog and your art!