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Il Cafe

Il Cafe Italiano de Firenza!

Which Way?

Watercolor, 14" x 20".

Tropical Juice

Watercolor, 14" x 20"


Watercolor, 14" x 20".

The Arno

Watercolor, 6" x 12".

Amalfi Coast

Watercolor, 14" x 20".

Jinnies streetscape

Watercolor, 20" x 24". I took a workshop with Jinnie May. Please check out her web-site:
So I can't take credit for this being original as we all worked from the same photo she provided.
It was such fun!
She is a wonderful, free, spontaneous artist.
I was getting bored with my same-old, same-old, and now I feel rejuvenated. I hope I can use some the the techniques she taught us in my future work.
I will post my first post-workshop piece tomorrow.

Play Date

Watercolor, 11 x 14

Trio of Roses

Watercolor, 10" x 13".

Busy Bees

Watercolor, 11" x 11".

Morning Stroll

Watercolor, 9" x 14".


11 x 14, Watercolor. I enjoy painting boat portraits. We spend a fair amount of time at Haverstraw Marina on our sailboat Gala. I accept commissions...just email me at Thanks for sitting for your portrait, Charisma!

A Beach called Crapola

Another cold dusk

Watercolor. Not really a very appropriate painting for a warm but stormy June day. It is one I started in the late winter, put aside, and just finished recently. Another scene from Breckenridge.


Watercolor, 9" x 12".


Watercolor, 12" x 16". Finally, a new painting to post. The only painting I've been able to do lately is wall painting....we moved into a new (old) house the end of March, so April was filled with the moving process and all the "making it ours". To say nothing of finishing up my chemotherapy! So, I believe I can be forgiven for not painting as much. Trying to get back in the groove...but still sooo busy.

Fontana dei Quatrro Fiumi

Watercolor, 11" x 14".

And a Friend

11" x 14". Another version of the carriage horses in Savannah. I really enjoyed painting the first version, so thought I'd have at it again. Done now. On to different subject matter.

Cold Colorado Dusk

8" x 15": Watercolor. From a recent Christmas trip to Colorado. I'm sure more to come. Its been too long without a post. We were blessed spending Christmas with some wonderful people in Colorado. And now I'm getting ready to have my second chemotherapy treatment, so my painting now is more sporadic.