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Tuscan Road

Watercolor, 11" x 14". Fun painting to do!

NJ Autumn

Watercolor, 12" x 16".

Colorado Landscape

Watercolor, 20" x 6". Not painted from an original photo., but painted as a gift.

Sifting Sand

10" x 10", Watercolor. I'm was a 10 year breast cancer survivor. A few weeks ago they found a small tumor in my opposite breast. One week ago today I had a bilateral masectomy. I am blessed they found it early, and I feel great just a week post-surgery. Life is grand, and its time to start painting again.

Lone Sunflower

Watercolor, 8" x 10".

Ladies in Waiting

Watercolor, 12" x 16". A group of Italian women on the opposite bench from us waiting for the next ferry. I was drawn to the postures.

The Fountain of the Naiads, Rome

Watercolor, 11" x 14". Am I permitted to say I like this alot? So nice when a painting comes out the way you envisoned it before you first touched the brush to the paper.

Perfect Summer Day

12" x 16", Watercolor.


16" x 20", Watercolor. My first watercolor of this size. One of my goals is to not be afraid to work a little larger. This was an outdoor cafe near the apartment we rented in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome.


Watercolor, 8" x 10". I sold this piece at the Avon Boardwalk art show. Thank you! They weren't sure they saw this exact door in Italy, but were sure they saw many like it. I'm glad it brought back happy memories for them.

Positano, Campania, Italy

11" x 14", Watercolor. Truly the most breathtaking place I have ever seen. A tough painting for me. I was at the point of fussing too much with it, and finally just decided it was finished. It is what it is.

La Finestra

8" x 10" Watercolor. I could not take enough pictures of Italian windows.

Magnolia House, Sant Agata, Italia

8" x 10", Watercolor. A painting I did of the beautiful garden of the guest home we stayed on last week of our stay on the Almafi Coast. Thanks, Lucia and Francesco! The original was sent to them.

BTW- I'm very excited to be accepted into the Manasquan River Group of Artists!!

Roman Window

Watercolor, 11" x 14".

Market Day- Rome

I was shocked to see the date of my last post...then I chuckle, because who really besides me ever looks at this stuff?? Anyway, I have an excuse..most of the month of May was spent getting ready for, going on, and then recovering from a 17 day vacation to Italy. My belated honeymoon actually. It was, of course, glorious. So, now with over 3000 photos to go through, the paintings begin. I didn't know which to do first! So much beauty! So I started with this...a rainy market day in one of Rome's piazzas..I forget which one. I called it the Piazza of the Scary Statue.

Savannah Courtyard

Watercolor, 11" x 14"


Watercolor, 11" x 14". A group of friends I saw posing for a picture at the Philadelphia Flower Show. My husband pointed out that I've done several paintings now of women in groups of four. I'm not sure why I find that so fascinating.

Tropical Bounty

Watercolor, 11" x 14".


Watercolor, 8" x 10". This painting will on display and for sale at the Monmouth Festival of the Arts, at the Monmouth Reform Temple, 332 Hance Ave. Tinton Falls, NJ.
Sat. April 17- Wed. April 21. There will be over 250 works of art there in all media, including fine crafts. Come out and support the 40th Anniversary of this tremendous event!

Savannahs Finest

11" x 14", Watercolor. Funny that the first image of hundreds of scenic photos taken on our trip to Savannah that I decide to paint would be the carriage horses. I loved the contrast of their coats. And the way they moved their heads as one. Wish I knew their names!

Orange Bouquet

Happy Daisies


Watercolor, 8" x 10". Wow, time flies. I had not realized my last post was so long ago. I have been painting atleast 4 days a week, so I do have some paintings to post. I have sooooo much subject matter- a trip to Savannah, the Philadelphia Flower many great photos waiting to be made into watercolors. The trip to Savannah I mentioned...we fell in love with that beautiful place...luckily my son will starting at SCAD there in the fall, so hopefully we will be seeing more of it!

Haverstraw Marina

11" x 14", Watercolor. A nice image to look at on yet another snowy day in February.

Jersey Fresh

8" x 10", Watercolor: This is one of the two paintings I have showing this month at the NorthEast Watercolor Society Annual Juried Members Show at the Orange Hall Gallery at Orange County Community College, Middletown, NY.
The opening is Sunday the 21st, 1:00-4:00. I'm excited to attend and see some wonderful watercolors!

Something Different

With my painting "Old Homestead" at the Art Alliance show in Red Bank on Monmouth St.
The members show has two themes: Home Sweet Home and Angels and Monsters, so it invited a lot of varied interesting works of art. The show runs until early March, so come check it out. I have two more paintings there too: Ocean Grove Tents and Garden Angel.

Summer Hollyhocks

8" x 10", watercolor. I've had a few paintings I just can't seem to get downloaded in the right position..they are turned. Don't know why that quirk is happening. So, I know I haven't posted this one..from a photo my sister sent me. She knows I'm a sucker for a good flower photo, especially if there are interesting shadows involved.

Christmas Hurricane

8" x 10" Watercolor. I finished this over the holidays. Sitting on my dining room table.

The Bride

Watercolor, 8" x 10". I mentioned I was working on portraits. Inspired by Karin Jurick's end of the year portrait challenge no doubt. This painting of myself on my wedding day is my latest attempt. Its hard painting yourself because Im not sure anyone has a firm grasp on how they really look, and Im not 100% satisfied with it. But again, it was time to stop fiddling with it for now.